Meet My Best friend and Fitness Buddy, Jager, He keeps Me Moving


We went on a hiking adventure early this morning. It was cold, wet and raining and I had no Idea where we were headed, so we ended up back home on the other side of the island were it was dry and sunny. Goggle Maps are not the best approach around here. We went on a walk anyway and landed at the Pet Store, go figure. We didn’t buy anything, we just spent some calories. Jager did however get a bath. They had an express pet wash tub in the front of the store, almost like a car wash for pets. First time I’d used one and worked out rather well. Since he’s a Lab, he didn’t mind.

Was hoping for a more active Saturday, but my lack of planning set us back. Lesson learned. We did however enjoy a nice hike last Saturday. Aiea Loop is a 4.8 mile hike. Lots of ups and downs and great sights.

Working on my menu so I can plan my meals and count my intake. I am using my Garmin Vizo Smart Band along with my fitness app and connect. If anyone has a awesome meal plan for runners/cyclist send it my way.


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