Moving On

Next Duty Station

My husband and I have been on Oahu for almost 3 years.  It has been a great experience to say the least.  It is now time to move on.  Texas here we come, again.  Although I was born in Ohio, I spent most of my teenage years in Texas, so, I claim it as my home.  I love the sunshine and minimal snow.

I will miss being able to hit the beach in any direction at any time.  The rainbows are beautiful here.  You can almost see where they begin and end.  IMG_0361

My husband sent me this picture last week from his phone during PT (physical training).  Double the pleasure.

I have a set of twins, boy girl who will be 14 this year.  Amazing.  Seems as though they just turned 5.   We brought them here for a summer and a Christmas.  They loved it.  We hit the beaches almost daily.


Since we are both active duty, we work many hours a week and the traffic here is less than desirable.  It makes it hard to want to go out and see what the island has to offer, besides the cars bumper to bumper and concrete.  We did get some flying done and that was really nice.  Seeing the island and the other ones in the area from the sky gives you a different view.


We were able to fly in South Korea as well.  Now that was neat.  Everything looked very small, close and crowed.

Going back to Texas will be a treat for me.  We spent 5 years in Texas, Fort Hood.  Now we are going to try our hand in El Paso, at Fort Bliss.  When I lived in E Paso, I was a teen, in high school and crazy.  It’s going to be different thats for sure.  I lived on the Northeast side and loved it.  My husband will be getting out of the Army in June and will be a full time student at UTEP,(University Texas at El Paso) go Miners.  I would love to go back to the Northeast but hubby wants to be closer to school, so it looks like the west side is calling our names.



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