Last Few Days at Work

This week is going to be a short one.  I have my unaccompanied baggage being picked up on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Friday is my farewell luncheon at Buffalo Wild Wings and theres not a whole lot of work for me to do.  I have trained my replacements and made sure they have all of the access they need.  Now it’s pretty much a waiting game.

Tomorrow will be busy with many phone calls.  I have to call and make the vet appointment for Jager and Tink’s health certificate.  They can’t fly without one.  Getting an animal on this Island is crazy.  Just another way for the state to make money.  Tinkerbell, our 13 year old chihuahua, stayed with my Dad for the 12 months we were in Korea.  Then we were stationed here in Hawaii and she was required to have 2 sets of rabies shots with the certificates, the health check, and a blood draw that had to be sent off and verified for the rabies vaccine.  There are only 2 labs in the US that are capable of doing this test and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get back the results.  So, even with the 2 certificates showing the rabies shots and the blood results you still have to have them quarantined for 4 months after the results come in.  Tinkerbell spent almost 20 months with my Dad between Korea and getting her taken care of for Hawaii.  If anyone you know is going to Hawaii and they will be taking their beloved pets, make sure they start the process early.  It is very expensive if you have to have them held at the quarantine center here for their waiting period.  It was a monthly cost of $245. when we arrived here in 2013.  I am sure the price has increased since then.   Leaving the Island is also a pain in the rear.  The Army pays for our flight from here to our next station, but of course they do not pay for the dogs tickets.  Our airline happens to be American and they DO NOT reserve cargo space for your animals.  You must arrive early and cross your fingers that there is space for them or they do not fly.  I called United Airlines to see if they would reserve space, but not luck with them either.  Now I know when I flew Tinkerbell here she had a reservation.  It maybe that they do not reserve from Hawaii.  When I called both American and United a few months back in regards to pricing, they both said $200. per pet with no weight or container limits. Since I will not take the chance on them not be able to fly, I am sending them a week and a half earlier to my in-laws.  Thank goodness for them.  They live in Arizona, so Tucson bound they will be.  I am using Delta Airlines because they fly animals all the time and all year long.  The have special cargo for animals and it is climate controlled.  The price is doubled and it does go by weight and size of container, but they are worth it.  I will also be calling to get their flights reserved and paid for.

Between having to show my face a work for a couple hours, I have to do a lot of little things at our rental so its ready to go with minimal work at the end.  I am also riding my bicycle to and from PT and home and back to work.  I sent my Jeep off on the 4th, and have been using my bike since then.  I am only 2 miles from work so its not so bad.  There are plenty of hills though.  The thighs are getting a work out. I looked at getting a rental from today (Sunday) until we flew (11 April) it was $1000. Crazy.  I have to spend that to fly the dogs.  ugh!! I will have to get one at some point. Hubby still have his truck. Thank goodness.  He works all the way on the Northside of the island. We live on the south end.  They are still having him come in so until they ease up, I’ll have to ride the Trek.  I also have to send an email out tomorrow so I can get my clearing papers. Should get them on the 28th of March.  They give us 10 working days to clear.





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