We Made it

We are here.  Fort Bliss is so much better and bigger than it used to be.  If you live on post, you almost never have to leave.

We found a beautiful home to rent on the West side of town.  Hubby starts school next month and UTEP is just up the road.  I like my office so far.  I have one Soldier right now but soon will gain a couple more.  Of course are office is short, but most S1 shops in the Army are.

Going to the field in a couple weeks.  Haven’t done that in some time. Should be interesting.

Picked up a new member of the family today.  His name is Shiner. He is a 8 week old Blue Heeler and he is adorable. Jager is having a ball right now.  He gets a little rough and have to remind him to be easy.  Give Shiner a couple weeks and Jager will be the one in trouble.


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