Radiofrequency Ablation

It’s not for everyone, hell I thought it wasn’t for me.  It’s been 12 hours since my second procedure and I am feeling good.  I am going to try vacuuming tomorrow and she if my back begins to hurt.

Radiofrequency Ablation, (RFA) is a outpatient procedure in the pain management doctors tool box.  It helps patients like me find some level of pain relief.  It heats and in my case, burns the nerve endings in my lower back.  My first go round was at Tripler Army Medical Center in Oahu, Hawaii.  The physician there wanted to burn the nerves again because this was my first time, all the nerves may not have been affected.  Since it was to close to my fly date,(new duty station) I waited until I was settled here in El Paso.  My new physician here agreed with Tripler and whala I had it done this morning.

When I got home I took a nice long nap with the puppies and when I woke up, my left leg felt a little numb.  It’s been hours since then and it is not feeling as numb.  I know I posted my x-ray once already but here it is again.  cropped-photo1.jpg

In this photo you can’t see the bottom half of the x-ray, it is curved back the opposite direction from the top.  I also have a couple bulging disc and degenerative disease within the disc.  This causes numerous pain issues.  It’s hard for me to carry anything weighted for long, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping causes a burning sensation in my lower back to include bending over and over again.   I am hoping the RFA will eliminate or decrease my pain a lot.   Only time will tell.  The nerve endings will evidently grow back.  They say between 9-24 mos.  Cross your fingers for me friends.   I want to be able to run, if only a half mile with extreme pain.  Cleaning isn’t an option, so that would be nice to go through my weekly cleaning and laundry without pain relievers, heat or ibuprofen.

Along with the scoliosis, I also have cubital tunnel in my left elbow and a torn bicep that I am working with physical therapy to try and heal without surgery.  I was given an injection last week on Wednesday in the bicep sheath.  I have gotten back some mobility but not all and I am still in pain.  Need to see the surgeon again soon.

I swim everyday, well, as much as I can.  I also walk and use some weighs on my lower body.  Since I am active duty military, I have to maintain my health and I am trying to get it back.  I weighted 120 lbs and under until December of 2014.  I stopped smoking and then in February 2015 I had major surgery.  This limited my able to do physical activity and the pounds just piled on.  I am only 5’2 and I am weighing in at 140 lbs right now.  I am not obese but I am in a not so safe zone for my health.  I need and want to lose 15 lbs.  My clothes will fit, my body will feel better and I’ll be safer in my career.  My max weight for my sex and height is 142 lbs., to close for comfort.

I am keeping at it.  Wish me luck and let me know if you have good ideas for those with scoliosis that want to run and keep fit.  The less weight I have on this back the better.


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