New Year New You

Crazy journeys we are on in this short life of ours.  I think how much things have changed since I was a girl.  The internet, cell phones, satellite television and on line shopping to name a few, are things that have made life easier and more enjoyable for most. With that said, those same things have also made millions of journals, articles and opinions available on any and everything you can think of.  Because of this mass of data out there, it makes it very hard to decide which articles, journals, and or opinions you believe to be true especially on weight loss and health care. Everyone wants a quick fix to weight-loss.  It’s just not out there.  Even if you can afford weight loss surgery, you still have to maintain and make life changes.

I went three years without eating beef or pork.  I felt so much better.  My bowels works without any issues, less headaches and bloating.  I missed the taste of beef for sure, especially when I was hungry and it was in my face, but I was strong and held fast.  My cholesterol was perfect, nice low blood pressure and a great weight.  I have been in the Army for over 9 years now and for the first time I am scared to death I am going to fail my height and weight.  I started eating both beef and pork again when we were stationed in South Korea.  I was glad I had, the Korean BBQ is outstanding.  Now its been 4 years and I am tired all the time, bowels are crazy, lots of bloating and my weight is highest its ever been while not being pregnant.  I am 5 foot 2 inches and currently weighing in at 140 -145 lbs.  The Army says I can only be at my heaviest, 142 lbs.  I can starve myself for a week and weigh just fine, but who enjoys starving.  Starving yourself makes things worse in the long run.

I have an extremely bad case of scoliosis.  I should have never been allowed to join the Army, but since I have been in and done well, they can’t kick me out for it.  The extra weight causes more back pain. I did however quit smoking.  Its been 2 years this past November and my breathing feels much better, I can taste things again and I can smell things like never before.  It to though has put about 10 lbs on me.  I’d keep the 10 lbs though before I’d start smoking again.

I love all most all vegetables and fruits.  This is a good thing because we all know that-that is the key to weight-loss and health.  Many of us, maybe you, has at one time or another used a pill, fad diet or starved ourselves to try and lose some weight.  There are none!!!!  I know and you know that we have to change our life style which includes what we put in our mouths.  I have watched many documentaries on food, diet, health and welfare of animals.  I have read numerous books, articles on line, medical journals, and held multiple subscriptions to magazines like Shape, Women’s Health, Oxygen, and Weight Watchers. It seemed as if the writers were on opposite sides on some issues.  You just can’t get a straight answer on anything.

If you haven’t watched Fork over Knives, a documentary on food and health, please watch it.  Its on Netflix right now.  There are two doctors on there, one a biologist on protein and another physician.  Its interesting to see the cause and correlation that they both show with their different studies.  One study, The China Study, is amazing on their findings of cancer and food. I can’t say, the only right way is to stop eating meat, but what I can say is that my experience without eating beef and pork was a good one.  I did eat diary, cheese and eggs included but I am going to start to pass on it all.  If you watch the show, you will understand.

Its going to be hard and I know I will struggle for the next few weeks, but I will be ok.  I may even fail a time or two, but you have to get right back on track. I am going to keep a journal and see how this goes.  There is a great app Fork over Knives as well that has many recipes to help keep people on track.  I have no clue how to cook things without dairy and eggs.  This will be a challenge.  The doctors on the show also says to stay away from any extra oils but I am not sure how to do that either. I am a fan of vinegar and oil on my salad.

If what the doctors have found, T. Collin Campbell, Phd is true, which I believe because of his studies and my own, it means that I have another 40 good years to live and live well, not just existing.  I am sure there are others out there saying the opposite of his findings but I am going to stick with what I know. Wish me Luck….



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