Second Day Meatless


Well thats me now.  My hairs longer but thats me, fat face and getting a double chin.  Its been two days now and I am not feeling bad or deprived.  I have eaten dairy, had a little bit of ranch dressing in my salad last night and at lunch this morning.  I used a little bit of olive oil in my pan for my onions and peppers. I am trying new recipes and learning to cook in ways I haven’t before.  I am going to try my hardest to remove all meat, dairy and extra fat from my diet. I know that raw is the way to go, it only makes sense to me anyway, but I am not there yet.  To learn about you health and food heres a wonderful website by T. Colin Campbell, Phd, There are a lot of other sites you can get to from here as well as recipes.  There are also documentaries that I have watched and have inspired me to take control of my health. “Fork over Knives” is currently on Netflix and is a great watch as well as “Food Matters”. I am not saying that meat is a bad thing for everyone nor am I going to be out in the streets protesting, I am just saying that its a good idea to watch and read for yourself.

I am starting out at 141 lbs, I’ll weigh myself every Sunday and see how if any effects this new direction has.


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