Last 7 Day’s

Bought myself a gym membership on the 4th. I have been to the gym everyday since except for one. Started leave today and joined a Turbo Kick class this morning. Wow, I am super sore. Hope I can walk tomorrow.

Going to ride my bike around Honolulu tomorrow and get some sun. Maybe a swim in the ocean as well. Should be a nice treat for me and some good exercise.

Although, I’ve been to the gym everyday I haven’t lost a pound, not even an ounce. Could be my crappy eating. Haven’t gained any either so I guess that’s a plus.

In-laws should be here Sunday evening. Going to be site seeing. Hope I can still hit the gym while they are here. Don’t want to get in a rut again.

Had my bike for sometime now but haven’t ridden it as much as I’d like. Need to buy some good ┬ábike shorts but at $99.99, it’s a little hard to swallow.